Import substitution

One of Gazprom Neft priorities is to increase the share of Russian products in procurement structure. The company implements solutions available on the market and supports the development of new products to achieve this goal. Substantial part of import substitution projects are implemented by partnering companies.

Seismic surveys at the Ayashsky licence block in the Sea of Okhotsk is an example of import substitution in practice. During these surveys, Gazprom Neft has become the first oil company in Russia to use the domestically produced standalone “CRAB” seabed station for seismic surveys. Previously, these surveys were largely conducted using the foreign equipment.

The seabed stations development is an example of successful partnership between Gazprom Neft, the government, domestic technology developer and equipment manufacturer, and a Russian service company. Its outcomes prove that Russian companies are able to take on complex technological challenges and produce solutions promptly. The company also implements a number of other joint projects to create domestic technologies for offshore exploration and production.