Employee training and development

The Gazprom Neft training and development system covers all categories of employees in the company and in contractor organisations. In addition, the company attaches special importance to the training of prospective employees from target groups: school and university students.

Gazprom Neft has created an integrated company-wide educational environment—the Corporate University—which combines all corporate training and development practices. At the Corporate University, Gazprom Neft employees gain up-to-date innovative knowledge, and each employee can be both a student, and a coach or expert. One of the key objectives of the Corporate University is to engage experts and executives in personnel training, create a strong community of in-house coaches, and generate state-of-the-art knowledge within the company.

The Corporate University consists of faculties and departments. A department is a professional expertise centre, which helps to make Gazprom Neft an industry leader by developing professional communities and engaging the best experts in order to accumulate and share knowledge and successful practices. In 2019, the Corporate University updated its concept and the methodology of working with departments, compiled a list of key performance indicators, analysed performance, and outlined performance improvement plans.

Average training hours per employee

The Gazprom Neft Corporate University has won the Effective Education Award

The Gazprom Neft Partnership Management Programme won an award at the 3rd Annual Effective Education Conference. This project won in the 'Best Educational Programme of a Corporate University' category. This award is presented annually for the most effective and creative educational initiatives in business development and professional education in Russia. Leading Russian specialists in practical implementation of educational and corporate projects participate in the conference. According to the panel, Gazprom Neft has created a sophisticated technological educational project, which is unique in Russia. It enables students to study the best Russian and international partnership management practices, form a shared conceptual framework for all employees involved in this process, and share the relevant experience.