Employee development

Gazprom Neft employees are its strategic partners helping the company to achieve sustainable development goals. In order to meet company needs for skilled specialists, Gazprom Neft is developing incentive and social support programmes for personnel, providing training and development for employees, and creating a talent pool.

The company is focusing its efforts on recruiting, engaging and retaining the best employees. Gazprom Neft has formed an employer value proposition aligned with demands and expectations of target audiences, company strategic plans and its competitive position in the industry. This value proposition is integrated into recruitment, executive onboarding and training processes.

In the reporting year, Gazprom Neft employed 78,800 peopleAverage headcount as at 31 December 2019.. A total of 21,367 employees joined Gazprom Neft in 2019, while 17,817 left the company. The increase in headcount was due to the company implementing its strategy, which involved production growth, business development, including joint ventures, as well as further implementation of digital programmes.

Average headcount by age group in 2019, %
Average headcount by genderDetailed data on HR management, including personnel costs, the number of employees trained by category, etc., will be provided in the Sustainability Report for 2019., people