Water resources management

Key priorities for Gazprom Neft in the field of water resources management include sustainable use of water resources, effective wastewater treatment, and preventing contamination of natural water bodies with oil or petroleum products.

Key water resources management projects being implemented by the company include building Biosphere wastewater treatment facilities at the Moscow and Omsk Refineries. These facilities feature a multi-stage wastewater treatment system, which includes mechanical, physical and chemical, biological, filtration and ultrafiltration stages, as well as a reverse osmosis unit.

After the reverse osmosis unit forming part of the Biosphere facilities was put into operation and reached full capacity, the Moscow Refinery reduced water withdrawal three-fold, with 75% of treated wastewater now being reused in the production cycle. The Omsk Refinery is expected to demonstrate a similar performance after the Biosphere treatment facilities are commissioned at the site, where the first stage of construction was completed in 2019.

Water consumption for company needs, million m³