Performance review
Reliance on innovation ensures our leadership in the industry

The innovation development programme currently underway in the company includes, specifically, technology projects to enhance oil recovery at brownfields, bring hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves into production, bring continuous improvement to the productivity of wells, as well as the initiative to develop and produce hydro-processing and cat-cracking catalysts.

2019 highlights

The company unveiled the world's first digital Arctic logistics-management system

The core objective of the new system named 'Captain of the Arctic' is to manage logistics in the Arctic safely, and to ensure that all oil produced is dispatched at the lowest possible cost. It takes the system under five minutes to draw up a vessel schedule for a month, while a long-term three-year plan, broken down into one-hour intervals, takes about two hours. Every day, the system analyses around 7,000 input parameters, choosing an optimum solution from more than 66.5 million options every hour. The Captain of the Arctic System is able not only to manage the current situation, but can also forecast the future.

Construction of a new catalyst production facility is underway

Gazprom Neft’s project is designed to meet Russian refineries’ demand for efficient cat-cracking and hydrotreatment catalysts necessary for the production of Euro-5 standard gasoline and diesel fuels, as well as hydrocracking catalysts used in deep oil refining processes. This new facility in Omsk will have capacity to produce 15,000 tonnes of cat-cracking catalysts and 6,000 tonnes of hydroprocessing catalysts per year, in addition to which the plant will regenerate about 2,000 tonnes of spent diesel-fuel hydrotreatment catalysts per year.

A new hybrid marine fuel for environmentally-friendly bunkering

New restrictions on sulphur content in marine fuels introduced by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) took effect in early 2020, meaning sulphur content in any marine fuel used for international transportation must not exceed 0.5%. To prepare for a significant increase in demand, the Gazprom Neft bunkering operator extended its product range with a new hybrid fuel not exceeding the 0.5% sulphur cap. The company has already piloted bunkering operations using the new fuel in the ports of St Petersburg, Primorsk and Ust-Luga. Commercial production of this environmentally-friendly product began at the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery in January 2020. It has already been certified as meeting the Eurasian Economic Union standards.

Market-leading AI-based solutions

In September 2019, Gazprom Neft, Yandex, Group, Sberbank, MTS and the Russian Direct Investment Fund established the AI-Russia Alliance, Russia’s first cross-industry alliance for developing artificial intelligence (AI). Gazprom Neft was the first industrial company to join the Alliance.

Consolidation of a 100% shareholding in Poliom

Petrochemical production is a strategically important growth area for the company. In order to strengthen the position of Gazprom Neft on the petrochemical market, the company, together with SIBUR Holding, secured a 100% shareholding in Poliom LLC in 2019.

The development strategy covers every stage of the company’s operations

Digital transformation covers every stage of the company’s operations, from geological prospecting and drilling of multilateral wells to refining and delivery of finished products. Thanks to new technologies, by 2030 Gazprom Neft will halve the lead times in obtaining ‘first oil’, improve lead times for implementing major oil and gas production projects by 40% and reduce production management costs by 10%.

Changes in operational indicators, million tonnes