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A future-oriented

Denis Mikolae,

Oil and gas production operator

Ambitious strategy

The goal of our Strategy 2030 is to build a new-generation company and to become a benchmark for global industry peers in terms of safety, efficiency and technological advancement.

Strategy 2030

RUB 422.1 billion
a record-high net profit in 2019
Advanced adaptability
The business scope grew
> 2 times
in 10 years
Large-scale transformations

To implement our strategy and become an industry benchmark, the Company began a large-scale transformation of the entire business.

Strategy in detail

One of our goals is the leadership in terms of return on average capital employed
16,8 %
ROACE in 2019

and leadership

Anna Dubovik,

Head of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

The industry leader in technology
  • The New Port project has been recognized as a unique technological project for oil production in the Arctic International IPTC Excellence in Project Integration Award
  • Advanced technologies for the production of hard-to-recover oil

Performance review

96.1 mtoe
hydrocarbon production in 2019
The digital transformation flagship
  • AI in geological exploration
  • Digital twins of oilfields and refinery process units
  • The Downstream Efficiency Control Centre

Digital transformation

more than
digital projects
research centres and technoparks
New Industry
Ventures Fund
The developer of effective methods
  • Advanced innovation infrastructure
  • Systematic technology management
  • Partnership with scientific institutions

Technological development

The Gazprom Neft intellectual property portfolio


Alexey Shnyakin,

Airfield tanker driver

Increase in reserves and production
Hydrocarbon production, mtoe
High technologies in oil refining

The company continues the modernisation of its refineries, aimed at increasing the conversion rate and improving environmental performance.


82.7 %
the conversion rate
Stable financial results

Despite low prices on the domestic and international oil markets, Gazprom Neft delivered a record net profit in 2019.

Financial results

Net profit, Including profit attributable to noncontrolling interest. RUB billion

for investors

Marina Keyvabu,

Chemistry Lab Technician

The industry leadership

The company ranks first in the industry in terms of profitability.

Financial results

28.6 %
EBITDA margin in 2019
Value growth for investors

The Company’s share price on the Moscow Exchange has significant growth potential.

Share capital

+ 21.2 %
share price growth in 2019
High dividends
Share of net profit under IFRS, %